Boomerang Latin America: Split

This is a promo for a new vampire show that my friend Scott Wiley edited for BMLA. I had a lot of fun doing the audio for this since I don’t really get to work on too many dark/moody pieces.

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Soapbox Site Update and More

Soapbox Studios recently updated their website so you should probably check that out, mainly because I’m on it. Ha! Lately I’ve been working on a few different Soapbox Internal projects as well as a few things for Boomerang Latin America, … Read More

In The Studio 7/14-8/1

Been a busy month, so much so that I’ve failed at posting. Lately I’ve worked with:

Cartoon Network U.S., Cartoon Network Latin America, TNT Latin America, Yung Yeti, Boomerang Latin America, Artistic Image

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