Barry Mills

In The Studio This Week 6/30-7/3

Sheila Green Productions Yung Yeti TNT Latin America

Kind of a chill week, which is a good thing.

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In The Studio This Week 5/19-5/23

Barry Mills Stranger Things TNT Latin America

Things are pretty busy this week. Aside from being booked from 9-6 every day this week, I’m working from 6-Midnight every night on Stranger Things. We’ll be wrapping up Episode-4, Act-1 this week. … Read More

AdultSwim: Metalocalypse

This promo didn’t actually air due to being sort of vetoed early on. But Barry and I had already recorded the VO, and he had edited the video, so I asked if I could have the final video anyways just … Read More

More coming soon

I’m being featured on Full Sail’s website soon. I did a phone interview not too long ago and it should be posted in a week or so. I’ll post a link when it happens.

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I’ve been hard at work lately, I recently pulled a night session with Barry Mills on some new DVD spots for Adult Swim. You can find more details about that in the demo section. I also updated the projects section … Read More

AdultSwim: Harvey Birdman Volume 2 DVD

Barry Mills and I pulled another night session for this promo. Simple, but effective. [flashvideo filename= image= /]

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