Adult Swim

So, that happened

I made my move to Eclipse Post, and a month later we moved into a new facility. It has truly been a whirlwind lately. In the middle of all that I’ve been working with Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Crazy Legs Productions, and 3645 Films. Never a dull moment in the world of Juan.Read More

In The Studio 05/26-05/29

This week I’m all sorts of busy, which is ALWAYS a good thing. I’m working with Cartoon Network US, Adult Swim, and Cartoon Network Latin America.

In the evenings my band, Undead Viking Mafia, is preparing for our album preview … Read More

I used to update weekly

But I’ve been so busy lately it’s just not an option sometimes. Last week was the end of the TNTLA Academy Awards bookings, leaving me free to tackle more projects. The awards season with TNTLA is always my busiest time … Read More

There’s a sun out? I didn’t notice.

In other words, I’ve been busier than ever, day and night sessions galore. TNT Latin America’s coverage of the Academy Awards has kept me fully booked for months now. On top of that, I’ve managed to squeeze in some Cartoon … Read More

Lucy, Daughter of the Devil

[flashvideo filename= image= /]

My team and I made this song a long time ago and a good friend from [AS] managed to get it into a short spot. Fun times. All the vocals are me btw. All of … Read More

AdultSwim: Metalocalypse

This promo didn’t actually air due to being sort of vetoed early on. But Barry and I had already recorded the VO, and he had edited the video, so I asked if I could have the final video anyways just … Read More

Raqua Teen


Tony and I had decided on our own to do a metal styled mix of the “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” theme song. After making a demo of the remix we managed to get it to Matt Mallairo, one … Read More

New Content has been added!

Check out the demo reel page and you’ll find links to the two new promos I’ve been working on from TNT Latin America and Adult Swim.

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My Anime trip, and…..New Content Soon!

So this past weekend I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta. It was pretty damn fun. While there I picked up the new Voltron DVD set. I have to say that this DVD set impresses me. The managed to pull the … Read More

AdultSwim: Harvey Birdman Volume 2 DVD

Barry Mills and I pulled another night session for this promo. Simple, but effective. [flashvideo filename= image= /]

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