TCM: 360° of Noir

7 Original episodes with Spatial Audio

Studio: Sprocket Creative
Spatial Audio: Juan Baez
Everything Else: Sprocket Creative

Sprocket Creative worked with TCM to make an original 360° animated Noir experience that would take viewers through a variety of locations and events, with clues all along the way to provide interactivity. I’ve worked on a few spatial audio projects before, but Noir Alley is definitely the largest and most diverse. There’s plenty of scenes where the soundscape is mostly mood, and then there’s scenes of immense action, that all needed to feel as if the viewer is involved. Spatial audio is such a different animal than the stereo sound design and mixing I am normally a part of. I’m looking forward to doing many more of these. The video here is Episode 5, but if you’d like to watch the entire series, you can view the playlist I’ve made here.