I’ll be in Birmingham, AL this weekend to help with

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Here’s the next episode of I was able to do most of the production sound on this one, as well as ALL of the post audio. In addition to all that, I did the location scouting, some of … Read More

In The Studio 05/26-05/29

This week I’m all sorts of busy, which is ALWAYS a good thing. I’m working with Cartoon Network US, Adult Swim, and Cartoon Network Latin America.

In the evenings my band, Undead Viking Mafia, is preparing for our album preview … Read More

Stranger Things Episode 5

I finished audio post on Episode 5 at about 6:30 am on Saturday morning. Sunday it was shown at Balticon to an audience of 150-200 people. I’m going to have to take a moment to share the fact that … Read More

In The Studio 05/11-05/15

This week is jam packed with Cartoon Network US, Cartoon Network Latin America, and

This afternoon I’ll be having lunch with the Producer of Yung Yeti, Calvin Florian. Yung Yeti was recently featured on the front page of

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That’s a wrap!!!

A little over a week ago I helped with the production audio for the latest episode from It was possibly the busiest weekend of my life, and it didn’t end till that Tuesday. Was it worth it? Most definitely. … Read More

Yung Yeti on Sundance

Last week I got to rock out with TNT Latin America, providing audio for one of their movie blocks as well as their broadcast of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special, tough work. This week I’ll be finishing up some … Read More

Soapbox Site Update and More

Soapbox Studios recently updated their website so you should probably check that out, mainly because I’m on it. Ha! Lately I’ve been working on a few different Soapbox Internal projects as well as a few things for Boomerang Latin America, … Read More

I used to update weekly

But I’ve been so busy lately it’s just not an option sometimes. Last week was the end of the TNTLA Academy Awards bookings, leaving me free to tackle more projects. The awards season with TNTLA is always my busiest time … Read More

There’s a sun out? I didn’t notice.

In other words, I’ve been busier than ever, day and night sessions galore. TNT Latin America’s coverage of the Academy Awards has kept me fully booked for months now. On top of that, I’ve managed to squeeze in some Cartoon … Read More