Skateboard Sound Effects

I’m currently working on a new show that needed skateboard sound effects, but not the constant trick attempts most libraries have. I needed sounds that were more constant and “on board.”Read More

Track Rats videos online

The short series I worked on for Cartoon Network and Crazy Legs Productions has hit the internet. Check out all 5 episodes over at

EDIT: No Longer Available.

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The New Digs

Here’s a small taste of my studio at Eclipse Post.

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More for the Audio Nerds

I didn’t work on this but it sure is funny.

Whoosh! – watch more funny videosRead More

For the Pro Tools Geeks

Got a little sidetracked today and made this.

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So, that happened

I made my move to Eclipse Post, and a month later we moved into a new facility. It has truly been a whirlwind lately. In the middle of all that I’ve been working with Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Crazy Legs Productions, and 3645 Films. Never a dull moment in the world of Juan.Read More

In the thick of it

I’ve been over at Eclipse for a little while now, and I have to say things are great. Being a part of building a new facility is a great experience. In the middle of all that, I’ve managed to update … Read More

Times they are a’ changin’

I am now a member of Eclipse Post. I will be heading up their new audio department in a brand new building on the west side of Atlanta. More details coming soon.

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So busy!!!

I’ve been hard at work lately with TNT Latin America, HGTV, Edelman Productions, Creative Circus and most recently Red Bull. I got to do some production audio at the first Red Bull Em See event. Quite a big production in … Read More

It’s been a while

My time in Birmingham at was a busy one. Since then I’ve been back in the ATL working with TNT Latin America, Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network Latin America, Artistic Image, Trokar, The Atlanta Falcons, and New Beginnings Church in … Read More