• Sound Desginer

    I design and implement audible assaults, supervised or launched from afar.

  • Audio Post Engineer

    I mix, sweeten, de-noise, butter, powdered sugarize, and fully legalize your dirty, dirty audio.

  • Metal Vocalist

    I scream. Loudly. Sometimes breaking previously thought unbreakable microphones.

Soapbox Site Update and More

Soapbox Studios recently updated their website so you should probably check that out, mainly because I’m on it. Ha! Lately I’ve been working on a few different Soapbox Internal projects as well as a few things for Boomerang Latin America, … Read More

I used to update weekly

But I’ve been so busy lately it’s just not an option sometimes. Last week was the end of the TNTLA Academy Awards bookings, leaving me free to tackle more projects. The awards season with TNTLA is always my busiest time … Read More

There’s a sun out? I didn’t notice.

In other words, I’ve been busier than ever, day and night sessions galore. TNT Latin America’s coverage of the Academy Awards has kept me fully booked for months now. On top of that, I’ve managed to squeeze in some Cartoon … Read More

CN: Flapjack Marathon

Definitely one of the more active spots I’ve ever worked on.

Read More

CN: Chowder- It Came from the Kitchen

Around Halloween I got to work with Kevin Mason on some promos for a Chowder marathon. I really like Chowder so this was a treat for me. I had a lot of fun doing the sound design for these promos. … Read More

Sundance: Yung Yeti

Here’s a taste of the Yung Yeti stuff I worked on. This particular clip reel won’t ever be on there but since they haven’t put up the episodes I decided to have Scott Wiley work with me and make this … Read More

Lucy, Daughter of the Devil

[flashvideo filename= image= /]

My team and I made this song a long time ago and a good friend from [AS] managed to get it into a short spot. Fun times. All the vocals are me btw. All of … Read More

I’m not dead.

I’ve been crazy busy lately with all things TNT Latin America. Later this week I’ll be working with Cartoon Network on some new Flapjack spots.

In other news, I’ve uploaded 2 new videos to the demo reel section. One from … Read More


I’ve been hard at work on several massive projects for TNTLA. American Music Awards, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Golden Globes, Academy Awards, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna Concerts. Pure craziness. I also recently worked on Soapbox’s new blog, which is sort of a interim until our main website gets its reface.Read More

In The Studio 10/27-10/31

This week I’m working on a ton of TNT Latin America stuff including promos for a Justin Timberlake Concert. I’m also working with Cartoon Network Latin America on some projects. Going to be a busy week. Also, tomorrow I get … Read More