• Sound Desginer

    I design and implement audible assaults, supervised or launched from afar.

  • Audio Post Engineer

    I mix, sweeten, de-noise, butter, powdered sugarize, and fully legalize your dirty, dirty audio.

  • Metal Vocalist

    I scream. Loudly. Sometimes breaking previously thought unbreakable microphones.

Cartoon Network Latin America: Sales Reel

Cartoon Network Latin America’s Sales ReelRead More

TBS: Rango

TBS Reel Funny spot for the movie “Rango.”Read More

CN: Double Rainicorn

I’ve been working on a lot of Adventure Time Promos lately but this one stands out a bit since I had to mimic a popular web video. The only audio I had was clean character VO. Everything else was created. … Read More

Track Rats videos online

The short series I worked on for Cartoon Network and Crazy Legs Productions has hit the internet. Check out all 5 episodes over at

EDIT: No Longer Available.

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Boomerang Latin America: Split

This is a promo for a new vampire show that my friend Scott Wiley edited for BMLA. I had a lot of fun doing the audio for this since I don’t really get to work on too many dark/moody pieces.

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The New Digs

Here’s a small taste of my studio at Eclipse Post.

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More for the Audio Nerds

I didn’t work on this but it sure is funny.

Whoosh! – watch more funny videosRead More

For the Pro Tools Geeks

Got a little sidetracked today and made this.

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So, that happened

I made my move to Eclipse Post, and a month later we moved into a new facility. It has truly been a whirlwind lately. In the middle of all that I’ve been working with Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Crazy Legs Productions, and 3645 Films. Never a dull moment in the world of Juan.Read More

In the thick of it

I’ve been over at Eclipse for a little while now, and I have to say things are great. Being a part of building a new facility is a great experience. In the middle of all that, I’ve managed to update … Read More