• Sound Desginer

    I design and implement audible assaults, supervised or launched from afar.

  • Audio Post Engineer

    I mix, sweeten, de-noise, butter, powdered sugarize, and fully legalize your dirty, dirty audio.

  • Metal Vocalist

    I scream. Loudly. Sometimes breaking previously thought unbreakable microphones.

CNLA: Day of the Dead

There’s actually three different versions of this promo. Each telling a story of how CN’s characters defeat Death. I did the audio for all three, and enjoyed every minute of it. The design of these spots is incredible. [flashvideo filename= … Read More

AdultSwim: s-CRY-ed

I’m a big fan of anime, so when Hamid from Adult Swim came in with this promo for me to do audio on I got a little excited. This was a very fun spot to work on. Hamid later brought … Read More