• Sound Desginer

    I design and implement audible assaults, supervised or launched from afar.

  • Audio Post Engineer

    I mix, sweeten, de-noise, butter, powdered sugarize, and fully legalize your dirty, dirty audio.

  • Metal Vocalist

    I scream. Loudly. Sometimes breaking previously thought unbreakable microphones.

Skateboard Sound Effects

I’m currently working on a new show that needed skateboard sound effects, but not the constant trick attempts most libraries have. I needed sounds that were more constant and “on board.”Read More

TNT: The Closer/Twizzlers

TNT teams up with Twizzlers to present “The Closer.”Read More

TNT: The Green Hornet

TNT Drama by the Numbers look at The Green Hornet.Read More

TBS: Ford Improv

TBS and Ford Improv.Read More

CNN: The Fashion Season

CNN presents The Fashion SeasonRead More

Travel Channel: Hidden City

Eclipse worked with Crazy Legs Productions to handle the Post Production of the entire first season of Hidden City.Read More

Cartoon Network: Ninjago

Promo for the new Ninjago series.Read More

DiY: Mega Dens

An excerpt from episode 102 of DiY’s “Mega Dens.” All of the post production for season 1 was handled by Eclipse.Read More

Cartoon Network: Adventure Time

Topical for episode 32b of Adventure Time.Read More