January 11, 2013

Skateboard Sound Effects

I’m currently working on a new show that needed skateboard sound effects, but not the constant trick attempts most libraries have. I needed sounds that were more constant and “on board.” So I went out with my portable recorder and wrapped it in foam, rubberbanded it together, and then rubberbanded it to the skateboard. My friend Adam then proceeded to skate around with it on the board.

I recorded a few different ways, with the portable recorder’s condenser microphones on the board, with the condensers off to the side for pass bys, with an SM58 on the board, and with an SM58 in Adam’s hand aimed at the board.

These aren’t useful to everyone, but it’s exactly what I was looking for. The condensers on the board were a little blown out on the first attempt but it actually works for me since a lot of what I’m dealing with is gopro footage. Provides that same tone you’d expect, but with better microphones. I’ve packed up mp3s of them all in a zip file if you want them, DOWNLOAD HERE.