September 27, 2007

In a word, Busy

I’ve been super busy since coming back from Indy. I, along with a few friends, have started in an attempt to help the game audio community in Georgia grow. I managed to meet some more cool contacts at both DragonCon and Anime Weekend Atlanta. I was on a panel for game audio at the Atlantis Music Conference, and it’s looking like I’ll be doing some more panels soon as well as possibly speaking at UGA. Big things. I’m also now posting in the Mod Database to start garnering some game audio work. If that’s not enough, my new band, Undead Viking Mafia will be recording Oct. 6-7 and performing at The Warehouse on Oct. 27th.

On top of all that, I still have a job! I’ve posted TWO (I know it’s been forever) new videos in the demo reel section. Check them out. Things couldn’t be better for me right now.