September 27, 2006

My Anime trip, and…..New Content Soon!

So this past weekend I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta. It was pretty damn fun. While there I picked up the new Voltron DVD set. I have to say that this DVD set impresses me. The managed to pull the original audio off of 2″ 24 track tape and use the original sounds to mix it in 5.1 for the DVD. It’s pretty awesome to be watching old school Voltron in 5.1.

In other news, I’ll be posting the latest Adult Swim commercial I worked on, as well as a ninety second commercial for the Scream Awards from TNT Latin America. Both projects were fun to work on. I’m a fan of horror movies so I put a bit of extra care into making the Scream awards promo sound especially awesome. I’ll make a new post when they’re up.